Scrub Daddy Heavy Duty

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Large cleaning jobs are easier to tackle with a super-sized Scrub Daddy. Made from the same scratch-resistant material as the smaller, smiling counterparts, this heavy-duty cleaning block handles large projects in less time ? such as bathtubs, counters tops, furniture, and tires. In cold water, the industrial strength scrubber takes on a coarse texture, easily scrubbing off tough messes like grease, sap, and grime. In warm water, it instantly softens to gently clean items like windows, mirrors, light fixtures, and more. Think big and let Scrub Daddy Heavy Duty take on the worst messes both inside and outside the home.

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Brawny Help For All Your Serious Cleaning Tasks:


  • Siding, Doors, Windows
  • Fixtures, Fences, Lights
  • Furniture, Grills, Bikes, Swingsets

Restaurants & Homes

  • Counters, Fixtures
  • Stoves, Cutting Boards
  • Walk-Ins, Shelving
  • Bath/Shower


  • Hulls, Trim, Upholstery
  • Deck Fittings
  • Outboard Motors
  • Fishing Tackle


  • Dash, Upholstery, Glass
  • Exterior, Chrome, Wheels
  • Scratch-Free Bug Removal
  • Won’t Scratch Paint Or Clearcoats